logo Digitise - Insert a Vertex in a Polyline

(This option is not available on the Freeware version)

This option allows you to digitise a new point into an existing vector polyline.

Enter the Adjust Vertex mode by clicking the Insert Polyline Vertex toolbar button (or the Vector->Digitise->Add Vertex into Poyline menu option).
The cursor will change to a Digitising crosshair crosshair to indicate that the digitising insert mode is in effect.

First you select a vector. As you move the cursor the nearest vector will be highlighted to show which would be selected when you click the mouse. When you click to select a vector WinTopo Pro will insert a new point at the cursor position. You can then move the cursor to position the new point. Positioning the point works exactly like the Vertex Adjust option.

To quit the operation without inserting the vertex you can click the right mouse button. Alternatively, you can press the Esc key, or click the Insert Polyline Vertex toolbar button again.

Here is an example of inserting a new vertex into an existing vector.

Select vector to insert new vertex Select a vector in an existing polyline.

Position the new vertex Position the new point with the cursor.

Polyline with new vertex The Polyline after insertion.

Snap Modes

The Snap mode options have no effect before you select a vector.

When you are moving the new vertex to its position the snap modes will operate to allow you to position the node accurately. See Snap modes for more information.


If you make a mistake, or want to redo a point, then you can click the Undo button undo toolbar button. The last digitising operation will be undone.

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