logo Digitise - Delete a Vertex from a Polyline

(This option is not available on the Freeware version)

This option allows you to remove a point from an existing vector polyline.

Enter the Delete Vertex mode by clicking the Delete Vertex toolbar button (or the Vector->Digitise->Delete Vertices from Polylines menu option).
The cursor will change to a Digitising eraser eraser to indicate that the digitising delete mode is in effect.

As you move the cursor the target box will jump to the nearest vertex to indicate which would be deleted if you click the mouse. WinTopo Pro also displays a thin black line to show how the polyline would look if the particular vertex was deleted.

Simply click on a vertex to delete it.

Deleting a vertex will not break the polyline into two halves. If you want to do that then use the Delete a Vector option.

To quit the operation without deleting a vertex just select any other option.


If you make a mistake, or want to redo a point, then you can click the Undo button undo toolbar button. The last digitising operation will be undone.

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