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WinTopo Raster to Vector Converter

Image to CAD conversion software

WinTopo is a high quality software application for converting TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files and scanned images into useful vector files suitable for CAD, GIS and CNC applications

WinTopo Freeware

  • The freeware version is completely free for everyone to use.
  • This is a highly capable piece of software which produces better results than most expensive commercial alternatives.
  • Over 10 million users worldwide have already taken advantage of this powerful converter.
  • Download it now and start converting your images with the One-Touch Vectorisation button.

WinTopo Pro

  • The professional version has more processing options and finer control over the vectorisation process.
  • WinTopo Pro includes many options for pre-processing the raster image to get the optimum vectorisation result.
  • WinTopo Pro benefits from a more advanced vectorisation engine which has resulted from our many years of expertise in programming, engineering and image processing.
  • Download and try it out now.