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What is a Raster to Vector converter?

A raster image is made up from pixels, like the picture obtained from a scanner, or the screen image on a computer monitor. It has a finite amount of detail which is dependant upon the image size and resolution. The closer you look at a raster image the more coarse it appears. If you magnify a raster image the pixels just get bigger, and you don't see any extra detail.

A vector image is stored as geometric objects, such as lines and arcs, which are drawn between specific coordinates. If you magnify a vector image you see the lines more accurately, and the line edges stay smooth. Vector drawings are utilised in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and other applications where accuracy is important.

A raster to vector converter translates a raster image into the corresponding vector image.

Due to the inherent lack of precision in a raster image, output from various raster to vector converters can vary widely in determination of the number of vectors and the positioning of the coordinates. WinTopo employs well researched mathematical methods, and consequently produces very accurate vectors in comparison to other systems.

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