logo Vector Manipulation Options

On the Vector menu there are options for selecting and then manipulating the vectors that have been produced from the vectorisation process. (See also the digitising options.)

Select by Cursor
After you select this option the cursor will change to an arrow, and then you can click on a vector. The polyline containing the selected vector will be highlighted in red. You can continue to select as many vectors as you wish. Clicking with the right mouse button unselects the polyline which was selected last.

If you want to stop WinTopo from selecting further vectors with each mouse click then press the magnifier button on the toolbar to return to the usual magnify operation.

Select All Features
This option will select all the polylines on the drawing. They will all be displayed in red.

This option allows you to unselect polylines by clicking them with the mouse. When unselected they are returned to their original colour.
Note: this function is presently not implimented. Use right mouse button to deselect last selection.

Clear Select
This option unselects all selected polylines, so that none remain selected. All polylines are returned to their original colour.

Delete Selected Features
This option will delete all polylines which are selected in red. These vectors will be removed from the drawing. Because deletion is irreversible, WinTopo will ask you to confirm before carrying out the operation.

Polyline to Straight Line
This option can be used to swap each of the selected polylines with a single straight vector. Whether each polyline is swapped with a single vector is dependant on the options set on the Set Poly to Straight Line Option ... window, which you should set prior to clicking the Polyline to Straight Line menu option:

You can select either:

Replacing polylines with straight vectors can be useful for simplifying a drawing which is overly complex for your needs.

Spline Polyline
The Spline Polyline option will replace each of the selected lines with a Bezier Curve, using the polyline vertices as the bezier attractor points. Therefore, the resultant bezier curve will not necessarily pass through the polyline vertices. This option has the effect of reducing the curvature of polylines and making them look smoother.

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