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Most of the options windows in WinTopo have a button on the frame, like this

To get instant help on any item in the options window you can click the button and then click in the item. A quick help message is shown over the item, explaining how to use it.

Help Manual

WinTopo comes with comprehensive help pages, explaining the usage of the software. We advise that you consult the Help Pages if you are requiring a detailed explanation of any feature in WinTopo. The Help Pages are accessed from the Help->Help menu option. See below for instructions on printing the whole manual.

Preview Images

Many of the image processing options in WinTopo come with a preview image on the option window. The preview image shows, on a small section of your main image, exactly how the selected option values would affect it. The preview is instant, so that as you change the values for the options the difference is immediately apparent on the preview image. This makes it really easy to select the correct options for processing your image.

Online Help Pages

The help manual is available at the www.wintopo.com web site. This version of the manual will always be the latest version, so may include information which was not included with your installation.

The WinTopo Support Team

You can contact the WinTopo Support Team at wintopo-support@softsoft.net where someone will always be ready to assist. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the Help Manual before e-mailing the WinTopo Support Team.

The WinTopo User Group

You are advised to join the WinTopo User Group, where you will receive announcements about WinTopo developments. You can also post your own messages and questions. It is highly likely that another WinTopo user will know the answer to any WinTopo related question. To subscribe to the WinTopo User Group send a blank e-mail to subscribe-wintopo@yahoogroups.com with subject subscribe wintopo

How to Print the whole manual

You can print the entire set of Help pages in one go from the HTML Help window.

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